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Why EV?

Electric vehicles have many significant advantages over gasoline vehicles and offer unique benefits for both their owners and the environment.

At its heart, an electric vehicle's powertrain is nothing more than a magnet, some wires, and a battery pack. Because of the simplicity and lack of moving parts (other than the motor spinning), electric powertrains can last a lifetime with zero maintenance. An electric motor is small and lightweight, about the size of a watermelon. Compare that to the typical gasoline powertrain which has a large engine comprised of dozens of parts, all of which can fail and require routine maintenance.

Electric vehicles can "refuel" from anywhere there is electricity. Most EV owners charge at home where the price of "refueling" is equivalent to less than a dollar per gallon. Charging at home is also incredibly convenient. Simply plug in when you get home and have a "full tank" when you're ready to leave the next morning. No more gas stations with noxious fumes, long lines, and unpredictable prices.

Electric vehicles have no exhaust. This means no direct emission of greenhouse gases, a critical step towards slowing down global warming. This also means no emission of traffic related particulate air pollution which is associated with a long list of adverse health effects including cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, cancer, and countless others which are harmful locally and regionally. While much of the electricity in the United States is still generated from burning of fossil fuels, renewable energy from solar, wind, and geothermal is quickly replacing coal and natural gas. Note that even an electric vehicle powered by electricity generated from burning coal is over twice as efficient as the average gasoline car. Many homeowners have the option of installing solar panels which can instantly accelerate one's own transition to sustainable energy and transportation.

Lastly, electric vehicles are just plain fun. Instant powerful acceleration means zipping around town effortlessly. No engine, exhaust, or transmission noises means a peaceful commute. And the latest technology including self-driving, large touchscreens, software updates, and mobile apps means being on the cutting edge.

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