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Why Tesla?

There are lot of electric vehicles (EVs) on the market with many more on the horizon. But Tesla stands out from the rest with a number of key features and design choices.

First, Tesla vehicles are designed to be electric from the ground up. This means a clean slate with a complete reassessment and rethinking of what a car is and what it can be. Unlike traditional automakers, Tesla has no baggage from decades of legacy gasoline design philosophies and biases.

The battery pack of a Tesla sits at the floor of the car, serving as a critical impact absorbing structural element, and dramatically lowering the center of gravity. In side impact crashes, the battery pack helps Tesla achieve the lowest cabin intrusion of any car on the market. The low center of gravity makes a Tesla almost impossible to roll over. And because there is no engine, the entire front of a Tesla serves as a massive crumple zone for frontal collisions. Tesla Model S, X, and 3 all have NHTSA 5-star crash safety ratings and the lowest probability of injury of any vehicles ever tested.

Teslas have the best performance of any mass production cars ever produced. Model 3 Standard Range, the current lowest cost Tesla available, can accelerate from 0-60mph in 5.6 seconds, quicker than most V6 powered gasoline cars. The Model S Performance with Ludicrous Mode accelerates from 0-60mph in 2.4 seconds, quicker than most multi-million dollar supercars. And the upcoming 2020 Tesla Roadster accelerates from 0-60mph in less than 1.9 seconds, the quickest production car in the history of cars. Beyond acceleration, Teslas have exceptional handling due to the low center of gravity, electronically controlled dual motor all wheel drive, and sport tuned suspension.

Teslas have the longest driving ranges of any EVs. Model S Long Range can drive up to 370 miles on a full charge while Model X Long Range and Model 3 Long Range can drive up to 325 miles and 310 miles on a full charge respectively. The upcoming 2020 Tesla Roadster will have a range of 620 miles on a full charge.

The Tesla Supercharger Network is the largest quick charging network in the world. Superchargers are available on all major highways in the USA and Europe. Recharge 180 miles of range in as little as 15 minutes, or a full charge in about 40 minutes.

Tesla is the leader in self driving technology. All Teslas built between September 2014 and September 2016 have Autopilot Hardware 1 technology allowing for supervised highway self-driving (traffic aware cruise control, automatic steering, and one touch lane changing). All Teslas built after October 2016 have Autopilot Hardware 2 or 3 technology capable of automatic highway merging, lane changing, interchanging, and exiting, and in the near future, automatic city driving.

Unlike traditional cars where technology becomes outdated after just a year or two, Teslas continuously improve with free over the air software updates, adding new features and functionality. Even a 2012 Tesla Model S runs the latest software version 9.0 which features the latest modern user interface, navigation with real time traffic, internet streaming music, and many other features.

While other EVs on the market have gone the route of "strange" and "ugly" designs, Teslas just look good. Taking classic exterior design cues from European luxury sedans and fastbacks, Tesla goes a step further with Apple-like interior simplicity and minimalism. A Model 3 for example has just one 15" touchscreen display, two buttons on the steering wheel, and a button for hazard lights.

The Tesla purchase experience is unlike any other car purchase experience, yet it's completely familiar if you've ever ordered anything from Amazon. No need to spend the whole day at a car dealership with all the back and forth haggling, and waiting to go from sales pitch to sales pitch. The easiest way to purchase a Tesla is online at Tesla.com. Simply select your desired options, pay the deposit, fill out the paperwork online, and the car is delivered to your doorstep in 1-2 weeks. There's even a 7 day return policy if you've never taken a test drive. Of course, you can also visit a Tesla store or gallery where you'll be greeted by no-pressure sales staff who are happy to show you the cars, give you a test drive, and walk you through the ordering process.

Lastly, Tesla is more than just a car company. When you order a Tesla, you also have the option of requesting a quote for solar panels, home battery backup, and a home EV charging station. Tesla solar panels are some of the most affordable on the market. You can get a complete package from Tesla and be truly powered by the Sun!​

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